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Lake Skadar, the largest lake in Europe, covering an area of ​​almost 400 km2, is famous for its abundance of fish, endemic plants and rare species of birds.

Romantic travelers will be fascinated and enchanted by pristine nature and ancient architecture of Skadar. Full day tour would be the best option for all, but for true explorers and gourmets we would recommend 2-day tours to Skadar and its neighborhood, you’ll never get bored there.

You can travel to the lake all year round: its winter landscape with snow-capped mountain peaks and flocks of migratory birds wintering at Skadar is full of charm.

In the summer you’ll be amazed by lilies, inhale the enchanting scents of blooming irises, feel the magic of exotic trees, chained to the water, enjoy the music of polyphony of cormorants, ducks, herons and swallows, and if this is your lucky day – encounter the miraculously preserved population of curly Dalmatian Pelicans.

On the shores of the islands and you can see remains of the ancient castle and the residence of the Slavic princes Žabljak Crnojevića and Lesendro, as well as the ruins of the Turkish military fortifications and even the former prison-island Grmožur. Banks of Morača and Karatun Crnojevića rivers adjacent to the lake are full of cozy places to relax and picnic.

Old Orthodox island monasteries hold a special place in the history of Lake Skadar. Five of them have been restored and now are open for visitors. These shrines are deservedly called “Zeta Athos”.

There are three island monasteries located in the southern part of the lake, close to the border with Albania: Starčevo Gorica, Beška and Moračnik. All of them were founded in 15th-16th centuries at the expense of Montenegrin noble princes. Over the past twenty years thanks to the efforts of ordinary believers and patrons parishes there were restored. The oldest church on Lake Skadar with well-preserved iconostasis of Russian neo-classical works is located in its central part. The church is dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, and is related to Vranjina Monastery, which was founded in the 13th century. In the northern part of the lake you can visit Kom Monastery with the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin with the extant frescoes of the 15th century. Through Karatun River estuary you can get to Kosmač monastery.

To see Lake Skadar in all its glory you should go on a private trip away from big tourist groups, choose a comfortable and fast speedboat and visit more places of interest recommended by your experienced guide.

The lake is rich in fish; it is a paradise for fishermen. Carp, eels, several species of perch, bleak can be caught on spinning rods from the boat or from the shore.

Skadar cuisine is markedly different from the conventional local seaside cuisine familiar to most tourists. Only here you can taste carp and eels cooked by special recipe, try the local delicacy – fish soup with caviar, as well as wonderful homemade cheeses and olives. Depending on the route you can visit the national restaurant on the lake or enjoy a picnic on the picturesque meadows and participate in cooking classes. For wine connoisseurs there are a few old and famous wineries in the town of Crmice in the Skadar neighborhood.